Geog 301: Introduction to GIS and Maps

Fall, 2022


FOH - get some now

Taking notes 1, 2, 3, 4

The Computer Science for GIS Users basic knowledge all GIS users should have..

Rough lecture outlines

Required readings Due every Friday, starting on Week 2!

Book report - How to Lie wth Maps. Due Sunday, 23 October.

Labs: (note - Unless otherwise stated, all labs are due as follows: Monday labs are due Friday by 5:00; wednesday  labs are due the next Monday by 5:00. Hand in at the mailboxy thing outside my office door). Be sure all labs/readings are stapled together (but not labs to readings, or multiple labs together, etc). And make sure your full name (and everything else) is legible. Seriously, never annoy the person who is about to grade your work right before they do so.

Tutorial Datasets will be located on the GIS Lab Server - Download them as needed to your flash drive. NEVER work on them from the server.  And always, always have backups.

Some cool links:

Bob's Homepage # Geography Dept. # CWU


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