Academic Cartoon of the Day

The purpose of this page is to entertain. In particular, I use it as a digital version of what a statistics prof of mine once did - show a cartoon at the start of each class.

So - this page! Every day a new comic pops up. Kudos to my graduate student Tim Barnhart who did the initial coding to make it happen - and a friend, Tim Tasse, who made a little edit to fix things.

At present (April, 2016), there are 536 cartoons in my list and I add about one every two weeks. The code will simply cycle through the cartoons numerically - and start over when we run out.

Not every comic is "education-related," although if you keep a loose definition, most are. There is a definite bias toward geography, geology, IT, and library/reading-related comics. There are even a few in there that simply crack me up.

Most of what's shown on this page comes from 'newspaper' comics. If you're frequently offended by them, please don't hit this page. Otherwise, enjoy!

Finally, I do feel a smidgen guilty about copyright violations... No - I haven't received permission from the cartoonists to use their work. Should any of you (cartoonists) wish me to remove your work from my page, let me know and I will do so immediately. I'll also note that I'm not making a single penny from this website.

And a few cartoon links:


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