Graphics – pixels, dpi, color depth

Since we spend a lot of time staring at monitors and printouts, what they actually are is important. Let's start by talking about your monitor:

First step - how many little dots of light are shown on-screen. Each of these dots is called a pixel. Older monitors can't display much:

These days, you have many options. See for more info about this. Most standard sized monitors these days (2018) are running somewhere around 2000x1000. Pity those uf us that started this game in CGA.

Second step - color. Or color depth. Or Bit depth. Basically, thenumber of bits used to indicate the color of a single pixel ( )

Third step: DPI (dots per inch). Another way to think about this is pixels per inch.

Time for a little math. The viewing area of my monitor is 13" across. I'm running it at 1024x768. So: 1024/13= 78.77. Or, effectively, 79dpi. Not super high, but good enough.