Remote Sensing

Required Readings, Winter 2020

Note - while most readings are online, some will be on the data drive in the GIS lab. Pay attention!

Readings 1: Due Friday, 17 January

Readings 2: Due Friday, 24 January

Readings 3: Due Friday, 31 January

Readings 4: Due Friday, 7 February

Readings 5: Due Friday, 14 February

Readings 6: Due Friday, 21 February

Readings 7: Due Friday, 28 February

Readings 8: Due Friday, 6 March

Writeup format

For EACH article, do the following:

When grading these, I ask the question 'did the student read, understand, and think about the article?'

Each reading set is worth 1 percent of your final grade each and are graded as follows:

Note: to be accepted, the writeups MUST be submitted as word documents using Canvas by the due date (every friday by midnight)

Also note: information pulled from the readings will be on the midterm and final exams.

A sample writeup can be found here