Advanced GIS projects


This class is all about everyone doing an individual GIS research project. Everyone can pick their own project, though a few ideas are given below. Note, the focus must be on analysis, not data collection or mapping. The final output will be a Story Map (Google "ESRI story map" if you don't have a clue). Something will be due every week, just to ensure things aren't put off until the end of the quarter.

Everything for the project will be turned in via Canvas - so that I can track progress in what you turn in. This will be the ONLY thing we use canvas for this quarter. Files must be in Word (.doc or .docx) format.

Available Projects - or you can do something that particularly interests YOU.

  1. Habitat change in the Yellow Sea mudflats and the impacts on migratory wading birds
  2. Your thesis work?
  3. Develop a model which answers the question: Has the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project changed weather patterns in eastern Washington?
  4. Slope length comparisons.
  5. A comparison of different RUSLE slope length calculations within ArcGIS. Will require an individual with significant programming skills.
  6. Using GIS to help market and recruit for a university.
  7. Ranking every county in the US by scenery, climate, liveablilty, etc. Perhaps even an online version with MCDM weights. Like this, only way, way better.
  8. “Supernatural GIS” – for the past three years, Advanced GIS students have created labs which involve the supernatural.  Your job would be to take these, verify them, tweak them around, and have them good to go as a series of labs.
  9. Duwamish river change over time (with Bre MacInnes in Geology)
  10. Any other GIS projects suggested by students will be considered.

Project requirements

Grading: This project is worth 33%% of your grade, distributed as follows: Everything here will be due before midnight on the due date.

Any portions of this project handed in late will be docked 2 points per day until they are handed in (or 0 is reached).

Also note: everything will also be graded on readability (spelling, grammar, organization), as such, I would highly recommend that you have someone who is very good with this sort of stuff edit your papers. If nothing else, there is the english tutoring center on campus.

Finally, the creators of the top two Story Maps (as voted by the class) shall receive Most Excellent Tshirts of GIS Nerddom.