Advanced GIS

In the News! Fall 2017

OK. All readings are either online or in the 417_s_19 subdirectory on the Data Library drive in the lab.

If possible, please read online and don't print - one of my objectives is to save photocopying/printing costs - AND let you view the images in color!

1. (due 5 April). Focus on Story Map examples.

2. (due 12 April)

3. (due 19 April)

4. (due 26 April)

5. (due 3 May)

6. (due 10 May)

7. (Due 17 May) (note, there are a bunch here. This week, just give me outlines for each article, then a single summary which lets me know what the most important info was to you - and why).

8. (Due 24 May)

9. (Due 31 May): a bit about data security

Writeup format

For EACH paper, do the following:
1. Outline the paper (in outline format, about 1/2 a page). Examples of outline format at 1, 2, 3.
2. Summarise the main points of the article (at least one paragraph, depending on the complexity of the paper) and how the info in the article might relate to other papers, lectures, other readings, your own experience, etc… In other words, show that you have thought about the article, not just rehashed the last paragraph or two. About half a page.

When grading outlines, I ask the question 'did the student read the paper.'

When grading summaries, I ask the question 'did the student think about the paper.' In short, if all the information in the summary is in the paper, I cannot give full credit.

Note: to be accepted, the writeups MUST be typed. They are due by 5:00 on the due date (in my mailbox next to my office door). Late writeups (or emailed submissions) will NOT be accepted.

Grading: Each set of readings will be worth 2% of your final grade.

Also note: information pulled from the readings may be on the midterm and final exams.

Sample writeup