Lab 8- Geog 301

A very basic intro to ArcGIS Pro

OK. Here Begins GIS.

Next, fire up ArcGIS Pro. If it doesn't ask your for a login, log out (upper right corner) and log in again using your esri account (remember doing this during the last lab?).

Now we're ready for the lab. I like to start things out with canned ESRI (the company that makes the software) exercises. Even though you won't have to do much more than follow instructions, try to pay a little extra attention, as I will expect you to remember how to do all this stuff in future labs. We will be doing two of these sort of labs, then on to more interesting stuff. Seriously, pay attention and don't just click through. Next week, I will assume you remember most of what you do.

With that in mind, go to and do (links down the left side):

According to ESRI, this should take you about 2 hours. Adjust this according to your computer skills when planning.

Then do

Goto and work through:


This is the last of the ESRI tutorials this quarter, from here on, it's homegrown labs. So make sure what you're doing sticks.

To turn in.... Give me a screenshot of the last thing you do for each of the 9 tutorials (just dump them into a word document and print it). If you don't know how to do this, sing out.

3 points