Lab 5 - More Bearing/Distance. And isolines

First, a little review, only in a digital environment.  Starting with some triangulation within Google Earth.

Fire up Google Earth. To do these, nowadays, all you need is the distance tool. Which gives both distance and bearing. Draw a line with this tool, then save it! Demo given in class.

Triangulation question: (make sure you're looking straight down, not at an oblique angle. And that N is straight up the page [hold down the "n" key])

  1. As usual, you’re lost.  By magic, you have access to Google Earth, but not anything else that might be useful.  However, you can see the NW edge of the concrete runway at 48 degrees, the Ellensburg hospital at 117 degrees, and the Damman School at 159 degrees.  Where are you?
  2. After driving past the Damman School, you’re lost again.  Jeez… get a gps, willya?  However, you get out of your car and can see the rock cairn at the top of the Manastash Ridge hike ( 46°56'57.02"N, 120°39'51.14"W) at 214 degrees, Damman School at 88 degrees, and Dave Duncan & Sons, Weaver Road, Ellensburg, WA (search for it!) at 342 degrees.  Where are you now?

OK.. enough of this.  You realize your vehicle’s odometer works.  And that you have a compass (properly set to correct for magnetic declination).  Stuff triangulation.  And roads.  And rivers.  Because you have a jacked up Jeep with a snorkel.  And no brains.  And you’re channeling this song:

3. For some strange reason, you’re now in Thrall, at the Vance Lift Truck Services business.  And off you go.  First, 2.92 miles at 32 degrees.  Now 3.89 miles at 272 degrees.  Finally, 2.17 miles at 11.8 degrees.  Where do you end up after this exercise? Yes, the song provides tips.


OK.  Enough with the bearings and distances.  It’s time to do some contouring! I found a lab exercise somewhere. Go to town 


Hand in the answers to the three questions above, plus the isolines exercise (printed) with the appropriate lines on the maps! Make sure everything you can is typed or extremely legible.