Lab 3

Topographic Maps 3

Triangulation (Ellensburg South map - 2013 version) DO NOT WRITE ON THE MAP (except with a vis-a-vis pen)!!

1)       You are lost in the “wilds” of Central Washington.  From your present location, you can see Thrall at 73 degrees, the Dammon School (corner of manastash and Umptanum)at 342 degrees, and (by some very odd quirk of topography) the "C" in Umptanum Cr. (the more eastern label) at 207 degrees..   Where are you??



2)       Once again, you are lost, and the presence of the Yakima River only serves to confuse you.  However, you can see the water tower on Craig's Hill (the end of E Craig Ave) at 9 degrees, the Damman School at 294 degrees, and the intersection of Umtanum Road and the West Side Canal (just NW of the mouth of Shushuskin Canyon) at 242 degrees.  Where are you??



Locational Reference Systems

The rest of the lab refers to the Ellensburg South, WA Quadrangle.

4)         a)         On each of the four corners of the map there are two numbers, for example, in the SE corner the numbers are 46° 52' 30" and 120° 30'.  What do these numbers refer to?


            b)         Look at the similar sets of numbers in the NE and SW corners and explain why this map is referred to as a 7.5 minute series.


            c)         Look at the small numbers along the edges (i.e. 5195000) What do these refer to?



5)       What would be the UTM location of: (both northing and easting).

            a) Thrall (the letter "r")       


            b) the intersection between overlook road and coyote run road (west edge/middle of the map)        


            c) Damman School


d) The "Y" in "Yakima River" - the southernomst Yakima River label.



6) Yes. State Plane coordinates are on this map. Figure out (and describe in detail) how you know this. Do not answer "because Dr. Bob said it was." Give the State Plane coordinates of the letter "C" in Umtanum Creek (the easternmost label)