Geog 301
Lab - Map Labeling

(this exercise borrowed [and modified] from Dr. Andrew Klein, Texas A&M, who borrowed [and modified] from Thomas Rabenhorst, UMBC)


This assignment is designed to reinforce the ideas of lettering discussed in class and in your textbook. Your assignment is to correctly letter a map of the northwestern United States. You need to place the following names on the map. Arrange the various map elements so they present the data in a cohesive, well-organized map that emphasizes good map design and organization.

NOTE: If you have forgotten the lecture or want more information:


Grab the ex_10.jpg file from the data drive and copy it to your personal drive. Keep this file and the ArcMap .aprx file in the same folder on your drive.

Go into Pro. Create a blank layout. Goto insert picture. Then it becomes less intuitive - you need to draw a box on your layout where the image will go. Then navigate to the ex10 file that is ON YOUR FLASH DRIVE and open it. Resize to fit your page.

Your assignment is quite simple. Label all the places listed below on the map using the typographic and map composition strategies discussed in class (and in your readings). Don't forget to add the author's name (you), scale (note, the jpg is not georeferenced, so the insert scale won't work. You need to draw one manually), north arrow, title, etc. Note that you have limited options here as you will be doing this in black and white: font, font size, font style (bold, italic), font placement, and font orientation - and such things as masks, halos, and callouts.

Note, if you see an error on the map or a missing feature you're supposed to add, don't stress, fix it or add it!

Turn in
A black and white hardcopy of the final map.

If you don't know where a place is located use the USGS Geographic Names Information System at
the following address: - or such things as google earth, mapquest, an atlas, etc.

Also, be sure to check the USGS cartographic symbols website ( ) for topo map symbols. Or, as this does not include lettering conventions, grab a hardcopy map or two (usgs topos, atlas, etc) and see how they did it! DO NOT just look at random maps on the interwebz.... think reputable - ie USGS or National Geographic.

Place Names to put on your map:

Countries & States

Water Bodies

Mountain Ranges



Note, if there are discrepancies between the above list and what's on your map, add to your map, don't delete from the label list.