Lab 10

Campus/town map!

Your assignment is to produce a thematic map of campus/town. The theme for this lab is to provide a map depicting the location of a local (less than a mile or so) site you find particularly interesting and how a map user could reach it from Dean Hall. Make the map so that a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian could use it to get there (yes, that means 3 routes, done in 3 different lines. Do not overlap all three; in other words, have three different routes). Do not make the map overly simplistic (eg - one building to the next) - think 1/2 to 1 mile. Be sure to include landmarks, obvious buildings, roads, etc. In short, assume that your life is dependent upon the map reader being able to follow your map. In fact, assume this is life or death for you, and if the person gets lost, you die. Also assume the reader has never been to Ellensburg.

This lab will be done using ArcGIS Pro. Feel free to use color. Have The lab TA print it out for you. However, and this applies all quarter, be sure to give this person at least 4 hours prior to the due date/time. Check office hours. The lab TA's job is not to be around at your last minute. Do things in advance, and all will be good. Pull them together at the last minute, and printing is your problem.

Alright. Start with a new map. On my computer, it came with the topographic basemap. If yours doesn't have a basemap, goto map - basemap and find something you like. Zoom into the part of Ellensburg you will map. Next, insert - new layout. Then goto the blank layout. Insert - map frame (and select the one that is the zoomed in area of Ellensburg). Make sure you are happy with the orientation (portrait/landscape) and the margins.

Now you can use the text and graphics tools to draw over this base map (layout selected, insert tab). You may now trace your map! Remember, your goal is to get someone from Dean to somewhere using three different routes (walk, bike, car). Go nuts. Draw everything. Note, you can change your draw order (what's on top of what). Draft and label everything necessary. Don't forget a neatline, N arrow, legend, and scale. Then turn off the base map. You will turn in ONLY those things that you draw.

Some questions to think about when designing your map

Be sure to include the following map elements: title, scale, neatlines, legend, north arrow, your name, the class name, and the date the map was created.

Please save your work both as arcgis pro map files (.aprx project files which you can edit) and pdf files - which are easier to print, etc. To make a pdf, goto share - layout. Name it, put it somewhere useful to you, set the resolution to 300dpi, and best image quality.

Get the TA the pdf to print. And ONLY the pdf. Drop it on the "amanda to print" folder on the transfer drive and let her know.

3 points.