Geog 107 - Our Dynamic Earth

Fall 2022

Important Dates:

21 September  (wed) classes start

27 September - end of drop/add

12 October. EXAM 1 (wed)

20 October: last day to withdraw, 50% refund

4 November, EXAM 2 (friday)

7 November - uncontested withdraw deadline.

11 November, no class, Veteran's Day

23-25 November - no class, Thanksgiving break

2 December, last day of class

8 December, (thurs) 8-10AM. Final Exam





Important Files


  • Week 1: went over syllabus and stuff. Study tips. Demo of Google Earth and assigned lab 1. Started in on earth-sun relationships.
  • Week 2: Weather, fronts, and hurricanes. Ozone
  • Week 3: Oceans. Started Climate change
  • Week 4: Acid Rain.Tectonics
    • Exam. Tuesday, 12 October. Covers everything through climate change.
    • Q&A session. Monday, 11 October. 4 PM in our classroom - or another room on the first floor. Look around.
  • Week 5: Volcanos, volcano pics, earthquakes, Sculpted by Flood
  • Week 6: Geology of WA. Water
  • Week 7: Groundwater. Weathering
    • Exam. Thursday, 4 November. Covers acid rain through groundwater.
    • Q&A session wed, 3 November at 4PM.
    • Gave my brilliant Australia research talk, which won't be on the final.
  • Week 8: Mass Wasting. Mineral Resources, Glaciers
  • Week 9: Finished Glaciers.Cane Toads, biogeography. No class on friday!
  • Week 10: Deserts
  • Week 11:Karst, Periglacial
  • Week 12: Final exam. December 9, 8-10 AM:
    • Q&A session Wednesday, 8 December at 4:00PM.

Lab Exercises

  • Lab 1: Intro to Google Earth. Work through this lab and answer the questions. Then take the online (Canvas) quiz. Quiz must be completed by midnight, wednesday, 28 Sept.
  • Lab 2: Weather and climate on Google Earth. Open the lab itself and the data and start working with step 1, part C. Put your answers on this answer sheet. When done, go online and do the quiz. Online quiz due at midnight on wed, 5 October. If you want to look at it, there's also a small ppt which goes along with the lab that might help explain some of the concepts.
  • Lab 3: Temperature, humidity, and precipitation. Online quiz due wednesday, 13 October. Midnight. (note, this is after the exam, but understanding the lab material will help with some exam questions, though there won't be any exam questions taken from only this lab.
  • Lab 4: Tectonics. The data you need is here. Online quiz due thursday the 21st. Midnight.
  • Lab 5: Tsunamis. Work through it. Original source data is here: one and two. The quiz is online and must be completed by midnight on Wednesday, 27 October.
  • Lab 6: Fluvial stuff. Data is here. Canvas quiz must be completed by midnight on tuesday, 2 Nov.
  • Lab 7: Ecological Calculator. File must be submitted on Canvas by midnight, thursday, 11 nov. Note, no quiz - answer the questions and turn in a word document containing said answers. Hmmm...
  • Lab 8: Glaciers. Data is HERE. Canvas quiz must be completed by midnight on tuesday, 22 November.
  • Lab 9: Missoula Floods. Canvas quiz. due midnight, 3 December.

In the News (sample version)

Do the following:
1. Outline the paper (in outline format, about 1/2 a page). Examples of outline format at 1 or 2.
2. Summarize the main points of the article (at least one paragraph, depending on the complexity of the paper) and how the info in the article might relate to other papers, lectures, other readings, your own experience, etc… In other words, show that you have thought about the article, not just rehashed the last paragraph or two. About half a page.

When grading outlines, I ask the question 'did the student read the paper.'

When grading summaries, I ask the question 'did the student think about the paper.' In short, if all the information in the summary is in the paper, I cannot give full credit.

Note, the NY Times requires a subscription. Fortunately, CWU now buys one for you! Seriously, this is awesome. Go here and follow the instructions.

note, for the curious, the New Yorker article that started the whole frenzy is at

  • News 6: Due friday, 4 November. Note, read the little bit at this link, then follow the three "discover Elwah River Restoration" links. The writeup must include all of these.
  • News 7: due friday, 11 November.
  • News 8: and this. Give me writeups for both (in one word document) Due Friday, 18 November.
  • News 9: Due Friday, 2 December.

Online Quizzes:

Remember the online quizzes every week. They will be posted on Canvas every friday afternoon and will be due by midnight that coming Sunday. They will cover a handful of topics covered during the previous week.